Fine art's contribution to business and individuals

Art plays a role in shaping a business' image. Having artwork in the workplace transforms the site and makes it more dynamic. Because art stimulates discussion and nurtures reflection, it helps create a work environment that is both stimulating and enriching. And while it demonstrates appreciation for the company's employees, art also inspires in them strong feelings of pride and belonging.

For individuals, art is a way of reflecting our artistic vision in a tangible way. A work of art transforms an interior space, making it more expressive and personal. Whether an art collection consists of a few works installed in the home, or a series of works bequeathed in an estate, art makes a vivid impression on family members and their acquaintances. At the same time, it fosters an awareness of the phenomenon of art among young people.

You want to make it easier to manage your artwork?

Propos d'Art has developed proprietary artwork-management software (LoGO®) that is accessed through the Web and requires no installation. The LoGO® computer tool is greatly appreciated by our clients because it is user-friendly and versatile. It simplifies the daily management of your works of art and makes it easier to forecast the budgetary requirements for managing your art collection.